Obamacare turns 3


Aren’t we happy!

No, not really.

Today is the 3-year anniversary of President Obama signing The Affordable Healthcare Act into law. Obamacare ,a term the left tried to color as racist, is more unpopular now than when the President signed the bloody thing into law.

Now, I’m not going to rant about Obamacare today, I have already shown you graphics like this, highlighting the time-table for the implementation of Obamacare taxes:


Investor Business Daily has a spectacular article titled: “ObamaCare turns three: 10 disturbing facts Americans have learned” The article explains that Obamacare will:

  • Boost insurance costs
  • Push millions off employer coverage
  • Cause premiums to skyrocket
  • Cost people their jobs
  • Tax the middle class
  • Add to the deficit
  • Cost more than promised
  • Be a bureaucratic nightmare
  • Exacerbate doctor shortages
  • Leave millions uninsured

They also provide this graphic depicting the Obamacare cost explosion:

Obamacare Cost explosion

To conclude this post, that’s not a rant about Obamacare, here is a video from the United States Chamber of Commerce explaining, you guessed it, why Obamacare hurts small business and economic growth.

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One Response to Obamacare turns 3

  1. Depressing.

    But in classic Dem fashion, when informed that the costs aren’t going down but UP, and of the other harmful aspects of Obamacare, they always (and in lockstep) fall back on “Why do you you hate the poor/women/blacks/Hispanics/etc.,.?”

    These people are beyond contemptible.

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