Oh my! Hillary’s E-mail story just gets more interesting

Last night at 9 pm, more than 7,000 new Hillary Clinton e-mails were released.

Let’s start with Chuck Todd:

Whether Hillary “knowingly” sent classified e-mails is not the only question arising from this latest batch of e-mails, in fact a new issue, one the voters can easily comprehend has been brought to light:

Anyone who watches American politics knows that a Republican would never get away with this:

Although, we’re still being told that Democratic voters really do not care about Hillary’s  e-mails even though there is an FBI investigation:

Despite her recent drop in the polls Team Hillary really isn’t that concerned about her e-mails:





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Comedian Colin Quinn on PC culture

Since we’re in the last days of summer and I’m avoiding all things serious.

Well, I’m trying to avoid all things serious but the stock market volatility is receiving far too much of my limited attention span.

For an end of summer laugh, from “Unconstitutional,” here is Saturday Night Live alum, Colin Quinn, with his take on the current PC Culture:

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Flashback Friday 1969 Noel Harrison “The windmills of your mind” or UGG! This stock market!

On July 20th the DOW jones was at 18,100. Right now it’s around 16,700 with 50 percent of that drop happening since August 18th.

I personally think it’s nothing more than a normal correction- which would require an approximate drop of 1,600 points and we are just about there from the market’s highs.

The kinetic frenzy of the markets these past few days made me think of this song for some reason. Many people have attempted covers of the song, most of them are unlistenable. There are just some songs that can be sung by only one person, for this song, that person is Noel Henderson


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