Understanding the GOP presumptive nominee, Donald Trump.

So, the Donald Trump Show continues. I said I wouldn’t be participating in this fiasco as long as he’s a part of it and that’s going to continue for awhile, but I thought I would share this video analyzing how the modern day PT Barnum of politics operates.

Yeah, the dumbing down of America is complete.

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Hey Donny, about that nomination…..

I know. I know.

I said so long as  the  GOP primaries continued to be The Donald Trump Show I wasn’t going to be posting. While it did look like ole Donny boy was going to clean up with the nomination, these last couple of weeks, however, the GOP atmosphere has changed and we might be headed into a contested convention.

For now though, this #neverTrump guy is remaining an observer.

Finally, I like some of what I see sufficiently enough to share:

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Marco Rubio: “Everyone bears responsibility for what’s happening”

I know. I know.

I have not been posting and most likely I will continue not to post. I have vowed that so long as this is ‘The Donald Trump” show I am not participating. Over a year ago, I warned of the rise of Donald J Trump and what it would bring.

No one was listening or rather no one believed me. This country is so embittered, divided and uninformed about government and its functions and limitations; combined with a culture of “what’s in it for me,” that we are on a precipice and I fear the worst is yet to come.

Today, Marco Rubio had one heck of a press conference and while I know the Trump supporters won’t hear it and big media will refuse it, I feel it is just too important not to post.

I just wonder is there anybody listening.

A strong message, but I fear no one wants to hear it:


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