Bill Whittle and Andrew Klavan discuss the failure that is President Obama

Two of my favorite conservative commentators discuss President Obama. Andrew Klavan tells us why he doesn’t hate President Obama, Bill Whittle tells us why he does.

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The Factual Feminist: Do men need to check their privilege?

Social justice activists and gender activists are screaming about other peoples privileges and the Democrats are coronating a Presidential nominee whose main justification for electing her is because she’s a woman:

I’m not going to rant about this except to ask all the feminist who want Hillary to be the first female President; why do you want a women whose main accomplishment was enabling her sexual predator husband and participating in the destruction of his victims to be the first female President?

Really, I don’t understand this coronation by the Democrats.

Now, the factual feminist, Christina Hoff Sommers , examines this notion of male privilege.




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Today we are all French #PrayersForParis

In the aftermath of 9/11, Paris’s Le Monde newspaper ran the headline ” Today we are all Americans.”

Today we are all French.

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