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Daniel Kessler’s Wall Street Journal column: The Coming ObamaCare Shock

Before we get to Daniel Kessler’s article;  “The Coming ObamaCare shock” that was in today’s Wall Street Journal, let us flashback to March of 2010: That was the fantasy, now for the reality: In recent weeks, there have been increasing … Continue reading

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White House Correspondents party guests gain 20 pounds

No, it was not the food at the White House Correspondents dinner that caused the weight gain it was this 20 pound gift bag: Courtesy of  Time and People magazines. According to The Reliable Source of the Washington Post this gift bag … Continue reading

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Obama’s Syria Strategy and one more look at George W Bush

As the evidence piles up that Hassad crossed President Obama’s red line and used chemical weapons in Syria; as it becomes evident the President is not in a rush to do anything about it; his strategy for Syria is abundantly clear. It’s … Continue reading

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