President Obama to give his final State of the Union. I can tell you the state of the country in three words…DIVIDED AND ANGRY!

It’s safe to say that I won’t be subjecting myself to the President’s Speech tonight.

I quite simply do not care what the man has to say.

Many of you most likely agree, but as usual the media finds a way to dismiss us by calling us angry white Americans. I’ll let John Phillips from PJ Media explain:

Sure, white America is angry,,, but not only white America. Remember this classy young Yale student?

It has gotten to the point were hyphenated Americans are literally demanding  segregation.

Only, they’re not calling it segregation the new term is racial sanctuaries.

As the link highlights, progressives are defending this attitude:

Why is integration perceived as bad? First, because the students see black America as being in a crisis—one that they, as its most fortunate children, are morally obliged to try to help solve. Second, because embracing integration looks perilously similar to rejecting blackness, one’s own and the rest of the race’s. Finally, because they perceive life in white America as being a constant, endless, draining struggle against prejudice … A black college student’s nationalism can be divided in half: part of it is a working out of one’s relationship with black America, and part is the working out of one’s relationship with white America. The students at Temple are more focused on the former, the students at Penn on the latter.

And the media wonders why we are angry.

As I said, I know the State of the Union and in my efforts to not be angry I won’t be watching tonight’s speech.

No, I’m going to follow the left’s example and find my own safe place. But unlike the left I won’t be infringing upon anyone else’s rights.


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