The perfect gift for all those precious snowflakes suffering at college

Who knew the traumas university students faced these days?

From one student claiming first amendment rights create hostile and unsafe learning environments, to the University of Minnesota student government ruling a “9/11 remembrance would violate our safe space” these kids are having a tough time.

Fortunately, the holiday season is coming upon us and the perfect gift is out there for each one of our precious little snowflakes. Never again will they feel threaten by opposing views and ideas. That’s right they will always feel safe and secure while wearing the Alternate Viewpoint-Cancelling Headphones!

Coming to a store near you.

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Modern Educayshun

With the latest events at Yale and University of Missouri the timing of this video by Neel Kolhatkar couldn’t have been more fortuitous: Watch as social justice runs amok:

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Speaker Paul Ryan’s Plan To Unify A Divided Republican Party

It’s a new month and we have a new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. He made the rounds today on the political talk shows. I’m going to post two of the interviews.

First, Fox News Sunday

I particularly liked the phrase “citizen legislature.”

And here is the extended interview the new Speaker conducted on CBS’s Face The Nation:

How many of us knew of Paul Ryan’s journeys into the communities?

I’ve been down about the political scene, today the new Speaker lifted me up a bit.

I don’t expect miracles, but maybe we will finally get our message out to the public.



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