Bill Whittle on Donald Trump

Bill Whittle provides his usual excellent commentary and is spot on in most of his analysis.


When the final argument is “We can do much worse.”

We have some serious problems.

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Has to be seen to be believed: David Brock’s continued defense of Hillary on MSNBC

The Hillary defense squad becomes more laughable everyday.

Only this isn’t funny:

What David is trying to ignore is the fact that the whole country understands this is how the Clintons operate. “It depends on what the meaning of is is”

Hel…Heck, even Mika Brzezinski gets it.

Between this and the disastrous  Republicans, campaign 2016 is going to be torturous.

campaign 2016


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This Lou Dobbs commentary sums up my frustration

Sometimes there’s just nothing more to add.

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