Mitt Romney’s perfect assessment of Hillary Clinton

It appears that not being an official candidate for the President is a comfortable role for the former GOP presidential nominee as he looks more relaxed while assessing the Democratic front runner:

If only he campaigned like this in 2012.

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Yesterday looks a lot like Hillary Clinton

Team Hillary may have thought they were being cute when they put this segment in Hillary’s official re-start campaign speech, a speech that has been panned from all spectrums of the political scale, but now I bet they are having second thoughts. Marco Rubio was out first with his video and now the GOP released their latest take on Ms. Hillary’s “Yesterday:”


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Wow! CNN Panel Pans Clinton’s Reset Speech As “Flat,” “Nothing Terribly Daring”


Somehow I don’t think this is what Hillary expects from the network known as “The Clinton News Network”

This comes on the heals of their coverage from Iowa:

And somehow this woman is deemed inevitable by many in the political class, even some conservatives.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: “It’s going to be a long campaign cycle.”


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