A Christmas salute

Today’s Christmas post is for those who serve and their families. On Monday, six airman were killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. A stark reminder that there are thousands serving overseas and taking the ultimate risk and making the ultimate sacrifice.

This next song is one of my all time favorites by Stevie Wonder. This year he released a new version with Andra Day, but I prefer the original.

chritmas military



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In honor of the first full day of winter

Winter officially arrived last night at 11:48 pm est.

Somebody better tell old man winter, because he seems to be goldbricking.  Temperature forecasts for the next week here in the New York City area range from the low 60’s to the mid 70’s.

I’m not complaining.

Last winter was so brutal I think winter deserves a vacation this year and not show up at all.

But it is the Christmas season and something’s missing when nothing is nipping at your nose and there isn’t any open fire to roast your chestnuts on.

It may not feel like Christmas and A Marshmallow World seems far away but it’s time for the one video I play every year. Here’s Frank and Dean helping us to have a white Christmas, even if it’s only in our mind.

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Christmas time is here- A Charlie Brown Christmas

No, this is not a post about the Kentucky school that censored Linus’s bible verse and the response of the parents.

Although, I do recommend you click that link and take a gander at the story.

This is my traditional Christmas video march to Christmas Day.

This year, The Peanuts celebrated their 50th anniversary, so it seems fitting to include them. When I began this tradition, I included Linus’s bible verse as my “religious” video, today, I’m presenting the beginning of a “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Every time I watch it, I think: “We are all Charlie Browns.”


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