What happened to Kenneth?

As we start the second to last weekend of the summer, most people are still focusing on anything other than politics. Of course. more people may be watching the stock market these days than usual but for the most part we are in the lazy hazy days of summer.

In that spirit, here’s a video of  a question session conducted by Hillary in a classroom.

A video that begs the question: What happened to Kenneth?

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The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal, In Two-and-a-Half Minutes

In case you’ve been in a coma for the last 5 1/2 months or hiding under a rock, the good people at Washington Free Beacon have provided a 2 1/2 minute recap of the whole scandal.

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MSNBC Blasts Clinton Over Her Handling Of The Secret Server Scandal

I tuned into Morning Joe this morning to hear what they had to say about Hillary’s presser yesterday. It is not very often when I say something is must see when it comes to MSNBC but this is definitely must see TV:

You have to love the dumbfounded look on Joe’s face at the start of the clip.

I wonder if Hillary is testing her future wardrobe by wearing that orange jumpsuit, uh sorry, pantsuit.

416284387_hillary_clinton_jailed_2008_xlargeNow that’s an image to behold!

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