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You didn’t fool anyone, Mr. President

Mr. President, you can tout the economy, but the American people know better. You can say anything, but the American people are living their lives and are all too aware of the fact that what you say is not true. … Continue reading

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They just lie, lie and lie. Latest evidence provided by Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare

This week the left is in an uproar over the 2-1 Halbig v Burwell ruling by the DC circuit Court of Appeals, invalidating subsidies to federally run health insurance exchanges. Last Tuesday, Jonathan Gruber, the Architect of Obamacare proclaimed that the sentence “established … Continue reading

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I don’t expect this to last

Let’s first start with Chris Mathews who, for this segment, seems to have forgotten his liberal nature: And, for now it seems that the news media is not approving of the Bergdahl deal: I don’t expect this to last though, I’m … Continue reading

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