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How GOP candidates should answer the evolution question

Recently, Gov. Scott Walker ran into trouble when he was asked whether he believed in evolution. While in London, the Governor was asked by BBC’s Justin Webb his views on evolution. Instead of providing an answer, Gov. Walker chose to “punt.” … Continue reading

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The Obligatory story of the year post.

As 2014 comes to an end, looking back I’ve decided there is not just one story that qualifies as the story of the year. The story of the year is the media’s coverage of many of the year’s top stories. Thomas Sowell described the … Continue reading

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Election? What Election? Big 3 networks are ignoring midterm elections

Remember 2006? Back then the mainstream media was quick to hype the anti-Bush wave that swept the Democrats into control of the Senate. Surely with the Republicans on the verge of picking up anywhere from 7-10 seats this election and … Continue reading

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