It doesn’t often snow at Christmas

We’re one week away from Christmas Eve.

Usually by this point I post about my journey for the Christmas spirit but this year I haven’t even begun to look. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even tried nor do I plan to.

My Facebook profile clearly communicates my attitude this year:

grumpy christmas

And my cover photo says it all:Coal-at-ChristmasThose who are close to me, know I’ve had a rough year with my back and I’ve been something of a grump and the current state of the political arena has made me just down right angry. I said a while ago, so long as it is the Donald Trump show I won’t be participating and it looks like I won’t be involved for sometime to come.

But, for the next week, I’m going to continue my little tradition of posting some Christmas songs.

No matter how Scrooge like I become, I always have a soft spot for Christmas songs.

I’m skipping this year, but I hope everyone enjoys a fun Christmas season.




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