*SIGH*….More Cover Up by The State Department For Hillary?

I’ve been trying to take a break from it all and ignore the news cycles for awhile.

But even so, everyday there is some new news about Hillary that makes me roll my eyes and ask when are Democrats going to wake up.

Then I realize, I really don’t want them to wake up.

The latest polls have Hillary’s favorability numbers plummeting, but she’s still supported by more than 60 percent of the Democrats. Michael Barone makes this cogent observation:

 the ABC/WaPo results, which show strongly favorable feelings toward Clinton among only 45 percent of Democrats, 39 percent of liberals and 39 percent of nonwhites. Among whites, still at least 70 percent of the electorate, the number is 16 percent.

As I pointed out in a previous column, Democratic turnout has not been surging upward in the Obama years; quite the contrary. Total Democratic turnout declined by about 3.5 million people between both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections and the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections. Clinton’s numbers don’t show her to be well-positioned to reverse that trend.

Democrats such as Bouie still seem complacent about Clinton’s declining standing. They note that she still leads Republicans in the RealClearPolitics averages of recent polls. But Clinton runs under 50 percent against six of seven of those tested and at just 50 percent against the other. The Republicans have low substantive recognition and hence room to grow. Clinton, not so much.

Yep, this is who I want to be the Democratic nominee in 2016.

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