It’s as simple as this…A S’mores is a S’mores

You may have noticed I do not attack First Lady Michelle Obama often. I actually go out of my way not to. My feelings for her are irrelevant and I am a strong believer in not attacking the family of the President. She has angered me numerous times, especially in her most recent commencement speeches but unless she attempts to get directly involved in public policy, I keep my criticisms to myself.

I also approve of her taking on the problem of obesity in the country. This country does have an obesity epidemic but I won’t rant too much about that..I won’t mention the average dress size in America is a size 14 or the average men’s waist size is 39.7 inches.

I don’t want to upset anyone’s sensibilities and be accused of fat shamming.

God forbid.

I may not agree with mandating school lunches to solve this problem and I think if she were really serious about the issue she would, at least, hire different people to better educate the country. I do believe in the cause….. but some things just cannot go unsaid:


There is no substitute!


You either eat them or you don’t.

I understand the concept of healthier alternatives. That method works for meals even snacks but not certain treats like S’mores. All the alternative does is make you crave the real thing even more and eventually consume more calories than if you had just permitted yourself  that unhealthy treat.

Sometimes you just have to have that doughnut, the key is to not eat a dozen.



In my case, a baker’s dozen.

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