Clinton Claimed She Emailed Staff On .Gov Accounts To Preserve Them …Uh, not so much


Okay.. let’s just go to the video tape:

Now, in a piece by the New York Times today, attempting to clarify the Secretary’s conduct during the events surrounding Benghazi, raised the fact that Mrs. Clinton’s staff also conducted state business on personal e-mail accounts tool:

Nick Merrill, the spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, defended the aides’ use of personal email, saying that it was “their practice to primarily use their work email when conducting state business, with only the tiniest fraction of the more than one million emails they sent or received involving their personal accounts.”

Some may not be satisfied with that explanation or the records Mrs. Clinton has provided. Trey Gowdy, the South Carolina Republican who chairs the House Select Committee on Benghazi, has said he suspected Mrs. Clinton has not turned over all the Benghazi-related emails, and has asked Mrs. Clinton to turn over her server to a neutral party to examine all of her emails, including ones she deleted, to determine if others should be provided to his panel.

Mr. Gowdy’s committee is also likely to press Mrs. Clinton on why her advisers occasionally used personal email accounts to communicate with her. At least four of Mrs. Clinton’s closest advisers at the State Department did so, including her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills; senior adviser, Philippe Reines; personal aide, Huma Abedin; and Mr. Sullivan.

Between the e-mails and the foreign money donations to the Clinton foundation is it any wonder democrats are becoming increasingly worried.

My concern is she’s still considered the front runner to be the next President.


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