Possible Clinton 2016 Campaign Slogans

The consensus on today’s Sunday news shows was that Hillary Clinton’s press conference was nothing short of a disaster. Usually, I would provide you with the myriad of video clips but  Soopermexican has them in a wonderful post over at The Right Scoop. I suggest you go take a gander at them.

Today’s is Sunday, my day dedicated to laughter, but I can’t ignore the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal. I know we expect late-night comedians and the conservative media to mock Hillary over this latest fiasco. It’s a completely different story, when a news media outlet such as Bloomberg takes their turn mocking a potential Democratic party presidential nominee:

Also, in case you missed it.  here’s Jon Stewart’s take on Hilary’s presser, it’s so rare that a Democrat faces Stewart’s scorn, that if you’ve seen it already, it’s worth another look:

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