A Sunday Morning Laugh with Leonard Nimoy

While writing this I am currently watching the Syfy network’s tribute to Leonard Nimoy. I am sure it is the first of many tributes different cable networks will air and I will most likely watch many of them,

The passing of a star does not normally impact me, their manner of death may shock me but I don’t usually have a strong emotional response. I am not prone to hero worship or celebrity admiration, yet the loss of Leonard Nimoy evoked in me a sense of profound sadness.

The irony of this sadness I felt when I first heard the news of the passing of the man whose iconic role was the logic driven Vulcan, Mr. Spock, is ,of course, not lost on me.

The only other celebrity whose passing had the same effect on me was author Robert B Parker, best known for his Spenser and Jesse Stone novels. I am proud to say I have read them all and many of his other works. There may be a stray Sunny Randall novel I missed but I have read nearly all his works.

Leonard Nimoy was indeed more than an actor, he was an author and a director. He happened to direct one of my favorite comedies “Three Men and a Baby.”

As is my nature, it is time to confront sadness with laughter. Here is Leonard Nimoy explaining how William Shatner stole his bike:


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