Governor Mike Pence’s Ronald Reagan Dinner Keynote Address

For the third straight year Rand Paul has won the CPAC straw poll which means absolutely nothing. I said this year I wasn’t going to post the numerous speeches at this year’s conference but I would post those speeches I felt stood out.

While I have not agreed with everything Governor Pence has said or done, it can’t be denied he has been a successful governor:

Democrats may not like Pence, but a clear majority of Hoosiers think otherwise. The governor is sitting on good poll numbers as he enters his third year in office. The Bowen Center for Public Affairs 2014 Hoosier survey has Pence’s approval ratings at 62 percent. A poll by the Indiana Association of Realtors had the governor at 60 percent. Americans for Prosperity had Pence at 66 percent. And even a poll late last year by the Indiana State Teachers Association, Pence’s arch enemies, had 50 percent of Hoosiers thinking the state was on the right track

Sounds like a candidate for 2016

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