#ThrowbackThursday Emo Phillips or I need a good laugh to keep me warm

As I have mentioned before I suffer from chronic neuropathic pain and when the weather gets like it is now in the northeast my body just doesn’t function all that well. Unlike many who suffer from this, I know what the cause of my pain is and I can only imagine the psychological impact of not only enduring this pain but wondering what the cause may be.

Although, when I’m in pain, I really don’t give a fig about the cause, I just want it to settle down.

Everyone who suffers from chronic pain, must find their own path in combating the situation. I have maintained from the beginning of my journey the best approach is no pain killers! Other than the initial supply of Percocet provided immediately after the surgery, I have taken nothing stronger than prescription strength ibuprofen and even then I’m very careful in my consumption. I take it always on a very full stomach…

Hey! It’s always a good excuse to eat a doughnut.

And I never take it for more than six to seven consecutive days.

Beyond that, it becomes a battle of the mind and learning to focus and manage your daily activities.

There are a lot of side issues that come with chronic pain. Depression being the number one issue and quite frankly the most dangerous ( after addiction to pain killers). I have mostly avoided this issue by using laughter as my greatest weapon in my continuing battle and that’s why I love YouTube.

The last few days I have been hitting YouTube quite often and last night I came across  clips of a zany intelligent stand-up comedian who was big back in my college days. I don’t know if they lifted my spirits by reminding me of some truly carefree and joyful days or simply because I was laughing so hard.

Granted, Emo Phillips isn’t for everyone but I share with you my latest weapon against the pain, here he is from 1990:



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