Scott Walker at the 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit

I know it’s a longtime until the 2016 Presidential election, but the race unofficially begins this weekend at the Iowa Freedom Summit. The list of speakers include:

Ambassador John Bolton
Gov. Terry Branstad
Dr. Ben Carson
Gov. Chris Christie
Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Jim Demint
Carly Fiorina
Gov. Jim Gilmore
Speaker Newt Gingrich
Senator Charles Grassley
Gov. Mike Huckabee
Senator Mike Lee
Gov. Sarah Palin
Gov. Rick Perry
Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds
Senator Rick Santorum
Donald Trump
Gov. Scott Walker

I decided to post the speech of one speaker, can you guess which one?

I know it’s early and he isn’t officially running yet, but I believe this is the only (potential) candidate that can unite the party and win in 2016.

Watch now and learn why Governor Scott Walker won three elections in four years, in the blue state of Wisconsin:

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4 Responses to Scott Walker at the 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit

  1. Pete says:

    Lets see… he has accomplished more positive progress for the people of his state than the congressman in Washington have done for middle America, and has not only won re-election but swatted down a recall petition and put the unions on notice…. but still the Republican party supports men with nothing close to his track record and have no chance of winning…. Maybe we are a one party country?

  2. Hey, Brett!!
    Just noticed that your YouTube video “died”; here it is again…

    And after you fix yours, feel free to delete my note if you wish.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      I took down the video, but I would never deny anyone credit or my gratitude for their help. Did you ever notice how many pro-conservative and anti-Obama links become deactivated after a few weeks? Maybe it happens to all links and I’m becoming a conspiracy nut.

      Well, we know I’m a nut anyway.

      Thanks again and thanks for the swarm of likes.

      Stay warm, brotha!

      • Actually, I HAVE noticed that.
        However, I’m unsure if it is more common with conservative vids, or is merely a function of YouTube itself…

        And always glad to help, buddy. 🙂

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