A Republican Senate Milestone

Yesterday, the new Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, made this announcement on the Senate floor:

We’ve actually reached a milestone here that I think is noteworthy for the Senate. We just cast our 15th roll call vote on an amendment on this bill, which is more votes — more roll call votes on amendments than the entire United States Senate in all of 2014

The former Senate Majority Leader and current Minority Leader, Harry Reid was not impressed:

The success of a Congress is not determined on how many amendments people vote on. The success of this Congress will be determined on what happens to the middle class.

Really Harry?


Harry do you really think people are not aware of the decline of the American middle-class while the Senate was under your stewardship?

FYI, Harry, by your own metrics, you failed.

Just in case you’re still wondering why you and your party lost 9 Senate seats this past election cycle.

All snark aside.

I thought I would also share this piece by Samuel Rines: “Why the Middle Class is dying.” It’s from a year ago but it is still relevant. As a matter of fact, when you look at our deflationary economic situation it’s prescient:

The shrinking of the middle class and stagnant wage growth are disinflationary forces. With wages flat, the middle class cannot increase consumption and pay more for housing. Much of this is apparent already as the US economy struggles to grow demand.

It was apparent, but for some reason it was ignored by a lot of, so called, experts.

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