#ThrowbackThursday: “Bring On The Dancing Horses” or I Wish I Were a Freshman in College Again

Lately, things in this country and the world  have just been intense.

Sometimes I wonder if as we get older we tend to focus on the negativity in the world more. But if you look at the polls it’s clear that a majority in this country are just as concerned as I am.

I began thinking about how lucky I was in my college years. Terrorism was not a prevalent threat to the country, the economy was truly expanding and the only awful event was the space shuttle exploding.

Oh, I had the usual college freshman angst like everyone else, but, for the life of me, I can’t remember what they were.

Alright, I do remember.

But seeing as how most of the angst in those days stemmed from hormonal issues I think it’s best they remain unsaid.

Besides, I would have to change too many names and places to protect the innocent.

I was listening to one of my playlists titled “My old days,” when this song from Echo and the Bunnymen played. The song was released when I was just a couple of months into my freshman year. The song has been described as having “a dreamily catchy chorus and a nice melody.”

It is simply fun with absolutely no meaning.

Sort of like my freshman year.

I think we all need a little meaningless fun right now.

At the very least, we can have a good laugh at the hair of the 80’s.

Am I glad I burned all those picture of me from those days.

At least I think I did.

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