You didn’t fool anyone, Mr. President

Mr. President, you can tout the economy, but the American people know better. You can say anything, but the American people are living their lives and are all too aware of the fact that what you say is not true. And I won’t even discuss the Obamacare lies regarding healthcare being cheaper and how we will get to keep our plans and doctors. You can talk about 3 million jobs being created, but more than 7 million people have dropped out of the work force and they know how the unemployment rate dropped to 5.6%. The problem, Mr. President, you’re out there telling people the opposite of what they are living. In the most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, the one many in the press is spinning as good news for the President, 6 in 10 rate the nation negatively. 58% see the economy negatively and a whopping 62% are concerned about maintaining their current standard of living. Talk all you want, sir. Talk is cheap. And yes, so is oil at the moment, but everyone knows you have nothing to do with today’s cheap oil.

As for your claim:

Uh..I’ll just let your friends at NBC News reply:

Surely, your friend Andre Mitchell will support you:

Maybe Chris Mathews can help her regain her perspective:


You’re not even fooling those who want to believe you, Mr. President.

You can keep telling us it’s only raining on our legs, sir, but most of us know what the warm liquid actually is. Heck, I think Chris Mathews has become aware that it wasn’t tingles he felt down his leg.

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