Oh Gee! White House admits mistake

After criticism from all sides and a failed attempt to dismiss such criticism, the White House finally admits the obvious:

Although, this mistake was not made by the President:

So what was the President doing while someone else was making decisions?

They won’t say:

But we do know the President and Vice-President were “sitting at home”

While the White House admitted the mistake, someone should have informed the State Department:

Just another day in the Obama Administration.


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2 Responses to Oh Gee! White House admits mistake

  1. Pete says:

    If ever there was an outline for a Homer Simpson episode this would be it. With obama/aka Homer running around first screaming there is no way I am going over there and be another target, to Homer (I mean obama) saying on camera, my staff misplaced the invitation….Dooooooh

    • Bret Rickert says:

      LOL! D’oh is right. Perfect imagery. I can see Homer(Obama) reaching for a doughnut to console himself and Marge(Michelle)snatching it out of his hand telling him “No.” Then eating the doughnut herself.

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