Yea, it’s Christmas Eve Day!

I have always loved this day, sometimes more than Christmas Day.

On this day, there still exists the promise of a great Christmas.

Last Friday, I began the search for my Christmas spirit which for some reason wasn’t materializing. The search took a drastic turn Saturday with the murder of two New York City police officers and what was supposed to be a humorous quest became a more somber and reflective task.

Now, I’m not going to lie and say I’ve suddenly become filled with the joy of Christmas but in my search for videos to post leading up to Christmas, I did experience a change of heart:


And no it’s not the eggnog:

drunk raindeerWhat primarily got me into a better Christmas mood was I turned off the news.

Oh, I’m still aware of the craziness that’s going on out there, but the only news report I allowed myself to take a close look at was about Papa Bush going to the hospital. I hope the reports are accurate and the trip is strictly precautionary.

In my area, the weather is dreadful; high winds, rain and fog. While that’s generally a bad thing, it does mean one good thing; tonight’s a night for


It does mean there won’t be any driving around looking at Christmas lights in my area, but I found the video to make up for that. So, I suggest you adjust your video settings and watch in “full screen” mode and have a HAPPY and SAFE Christmas Eve!


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