The Pro-Christmas Crowd Strikes Back

I missed this heartwarming story the other day.  I did not miss the original story of the town ordering the removal of a Merry Christmas sign which contributed to my anti-Christmas mood. If only I had seen the story about the response from the residents of the town of Marshfield, Massachusetts:

Christmas is less than a week away. And a group of Marshfield residents want everyone to know that, despite recent holiday controversy in town, they’re in the spirit.

Supporters held homemade signs that said “Merry Christmas” to passing drivers, many who honked as they drove on Route 139 in Marshfield on Saturday morning.

The demonstrators were showing their Christmas support after recent decisions stirred up controversy in the town.

First the Marshfield School Committee voted to keep the title of the district’s vacation as holiday break, taking out the word Christmas.

Next, a group of Department of Public Works employees put an electronic sign in a friend’s yard on the main road through town that read “Merry Christmas.”

Officials asked for the sign to be removed, saying the town did not object to the message, but added that the sign had to meet certain guidelines.

But on Saturday, one local bus driver said she came out to hold her Christmas sign because the town is sending the wrong message.

“This is America the last time I looked,” the woman told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe. “We were founded on Christianity and it seems to me like Christianity is starting to be wiped out. It’s the melting pot. Melt and merge.”

I just love this sign:


Now, for today’s Christmas song.

While I may not have “the gift of faith,” many of my favorite Christmas songs are very religious in tone.

Imagine that?

A religious Christmas song.

Usually, this would  start the beginning of a rant about Atheists wanting to remove Christ form Christmas and everything else. Why these Atheists feel threatened by something they don’t believe in……

see I almost couldn’t help myself.

This is not the time to rant, this is the time to keep piece and joy within my heart.

And eggnog in my tummy!

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