Where are you Christmas?

We are less than a week away from Christmas and I’m just not feeling it this year. Usually by now, I start getting that silly happy feeling and not because  of the eggnog.

Actually, it’s that silly happy feeling that brings out the eggnog

But I digress.

No, this year I knew something was different for me. It started when the retail chain Targets used one of my favorite songs “Marshmallow world” in their Christmas marketing.

For some reason it just irked me.

Last year, I featured it one of my Christmas posts.

The onslaught of Christmas movies beginning in October certainly did nothing to improve my Christmas attitude.

In spite of those non-stop Christmas messages, this year I feel like Christmas has been assaulted more than ever. When an elementary school removes Santa Clause from their winter concert due to ONE complaint,  atheists launching anti-Christmas specials, or a “Merry Christmas” sign being removed,  I just have to scoff at Bill O’Reilly’s claim that the war on Christmas has been won because a Pew survey says 72 percent think the nativity scene should be allowed on government property.

Hey Billy boy! What difference does that make when all it takes is ONE complaint to get something removed.


I know Christmas is all about attitude and I have to work on mine. So, as an effort to change my attitude here is “Where are you Christmas” sung by the One Voice Children’s Choir,

After all, it’s the children who truly make Christmas special.

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