Reminder: Every Democrat senator was the deciding vote on ObamaCare

As Campaign 2014 heads into the final week,  Democrats seem to be holding the line and limiting Republicans to a gain of only 6 seats. That’s still enough for the Republicans to gain control of the Senate, but less than what it was a couple of days ago.

What may once again tip the advantage clearly towards the Republicans this cycle are the Obamacare premium increases occurring. In their debate last night Jeanne Shaheen and Scott Brown reminded everyone who is responsible for Obamacare.

Two things to remember:

1) Democrats are now criticizing the very procedure they used to pass Obamacare- reconciliation.

2) President Obama vowed to cut premiums by $2,500

There are 12 days to go until election day and it is still a very fluid situation. It’s quit possible after November 4th the nation could be looking at a 50-49 split and waiting for the results of a December 6th run-off election in Louisiana to ultimately decide control of the Senate.

What fun that will be.

Yes, that was sarcasm.



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