Election? What Election? Big 3 networks are ignoring midterm elections

Remember 2006?

Back then the mainstream media was quick to hype the anti-Bush wave that swept the Democrats into control of the Senate. Surely with the Republicans on the verge of picking up anywhere from 7-10 seats this election and control of the Senate, the media is providing the same amount of coverage.

Not so much.

As reported by the Media Research Center:

Our analysts found that, when Democrats were feeling good about their election prospects eight years ago, the CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, and ABC’s World News aired a combined 159 campaign stories (91 full reports and another 68 stories that mentioned the campaign). But during the same time period this year, those same newscasts have offered a paltry 25 stories (16 full reports and 9 mentions), a six-to-one disparity.

Amazingly, since September 1 ABC’s newly-renamed World News Tonight has yet to feature a single mention of this year’s campaign, let alone a full story. In contrast, eight years ago ABC’s World News aired 36 stories that discussed that year’s midterm campaign, including a weekly Thursday night feature that then-anchor Charlie Gibson promised would look at the “critical races.”

network news

It’s important to remember in 2006 the Democrats picked up 5 seats and one independent who caucused with them.  The’re still two weeks to go and I remain cautiously optimistic, but with a media as biased as this one, I keep waiting for some October surprise to save the Democrats from complete humiliation.


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