How can anyone look at the Obama Administration and not think; “We’re in trouble”

The Washington Post is celebrating the fact that President Obama is polling at 50% on an issue for the first time since January. The issue being the President’s handling of Iraq and Syria. However, as Ed Morrissey notes:

except this isn’t an issue in the normal polling sense, such as the economy or foreign policy in general. It’s one specific policy, and previous polling already showed that Americans were overwhelmingly in favor of a forward military strategy against ISIS. The NBC/WSJ poll from three weeks ago found 68% in agreement on the need to attack ISIS, just after Obama’s strategy speech, and 65% before the speech.

Getting to 50% approval on a plan which 68% of Americans wanted three weeks ago isn’t really much of an accomplishment. In fact, it looks a little like — how to say it? – leading from behind

The American people know we must go on the offense against the Islamic State, but each day it becomes more obvious how woefully inadequate this administration is in dealing with the issue. Yesterday, Jen Psaki, spokesperson for the US State Department, once again demonstrates this administrations’ incompetence:

Can anyone watch this and not think; “We are ….”

I have a word in mind but I have often vowed to keep this site family friendly.

So I’ll just say ” We’re in trouble”

Trouble with a capital T:

What can I say?

This Administration is enough to drive anyone to drink.


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One Response to How can anyone look at the Obama Administration and not think; “We’re in trouble”

  1. elweeks1876 says:

    Psaki consistently proves a uniquely odd choice as a spokesperson. Thanks for posting these videos. I enjoyed the humor here, particularly in keeping this family friendly.

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