A rough weekend for Bruce Braley(D) in Iowa

First, a poll by the Des Moines Register gave republican Joni Ernst a 6-point lead and then Bruce Braley had some difficulties in the debate last night.

He also had some chickens come home to roast last night:

Yes, Congressman it’s true as the Washington Post reported:

This spring, Pauline Hampton’s chickens roamed onto Bruce and Carolyn Braley’s vacation property on tranquil Holiday Lake. Hampton said she did not know this until she walked over one day to offer Carolyn a dozen fresh eggs. To which she said her neighbor replied, “We aren’t going to accept your eggs — and we have filed a formal complaint against you.”

Carolyn took her complaint to their neighborhood homeowners’ association board meeting in May. Her husband, Bruce, then called the association’s lawyer, Thomas Lacina, to say that he believed “chickens are not pets and should not be permitted at Holiday Lake,” and that he wanted to “avoid a litigious situation,” according to an e-mail Lacina wrote. Braley denied that he threatened a lawsuit.

Finally, Congressman Braley used the desperate standard Democrat ploy of attacking the Koch Brothers. A tactic even MSNBC’s Morning Joe describes as ridiculous:

This was the first of three debates. The candidates will meet again on October 6.




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