Stop worrying about radical Islamists entering the country, worry about the ones already here

Currently, there is a debate whether ISIL is entering the country via the southern border or entering legally with visas and passports. I have maintained that these radical, would be terrorists are already here and it’s only a matter of time before we feel their presence.

I know, it’s  a very daunting thought. One that many people wish to dismiss and even ridicule. I present this video of David Horowitz’s confrontation with a member of the Muslim Student Association at UC San Diego from May of 2010 as evidence.

You have to question whether the American people are prepared to deal with such threats or maybe we shouldn’t. Here is a video of MRCTV’s Dan Joseph who went to George Mason University seeking signatures from students in support of, get ready for this, ISIS. Yes, the very same group that just beheaded three journalist along with massacring thousands.

Quit frankly, I don’t know which is worse the students who are ignorant or the ones who think they are informed and enlightened.

I suppose I should take solace from those students who do “get it.”

I should.

But I don’t

UPDATE: It appears the video has been removed from public viewing. Somebody didn’t like what they saw.

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