#ThrowbackThursday: Madness “It Must be Love” or somedays you just have to let you sappy side out to play

While our lives are impacted by the politics of the time our lives are not politics. For my throwback Thursday posts I do my best to avoid politics. For today’s post I’m taking us back with a song originally performed in 1971 by Labi Saffri and then covered by Madness in 1981.

Some of you may recognize Madness, they where a moderately successful band in the United States but with 15 top ten hits in the United Kingdom they had more than their share of fame. Their biggest international hit was “Our House”

Some of you may be asking what’s prompting me to let loose with my sappy side today.

With labor day weekend here that means college orientation for the college freshman, living near a college campus, this time of year I am reminded that its not the students who are getting younger, but me who is getting older.

For some strange reason this song popped into my head as a group of young ladies walked by


I was going to post the original video, but I think there’s a message in the fact that this group:


Would in the future, perform on top of Buckingham Palace at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee


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