Is America ready for ISIS (or ISIL)?


Before I start, the Washington Post has an excellent article: “ISIS or ISIL? The debate over what to call Iraq’s terror group” that will help clarify the name of America’s newest enemy.

The other day I wrote:

the next war will not just be fought on foreign soil. It will be felt in our malls throughout the country. For those who say “America is war weary” I fear in the years to come America is going to be reminded of the true meaning of war.

Since then we have heard numerous statements to back my declaration.

Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense, and General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of Joints Chief of Staff:

Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morrell:

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas:

And finally, today in the Wall Street Journal:

And be prepared, to the degree possible, for a hit or hits on American soil or that of our longstanding allies. ISIS says it’s coming. So far they’ve done pretty much everything they said they’d do.

Get ready America, I fear our greatest test is yet to come.

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