Michael Medved Confronts Sarah Palin on Impeachment

Yesterday, Michael Medved interviewed Sarah Palin on his radio talk show and asked “how is it vaguely possible” for impeachment to succeed, when it would take a minimum of 12 democrats in the Senate to vote against the President. That, mind you, is if the Republicans gained an unlikely 10 seats in the Senate giving them a total of 55 seats. It would require a vote of 67 senators for impeachment to be successful.

Ms. Palin in her infinite wisdom responds:

As more Americans open their eyes to this lawless presidency… the more the will of the people will be exercised and will be made manifest by pressure put on the Democrats.

But of course!

These same Democrats, who in 2009, after witnessing the uprising at town hall meetings against Obamacare, after losing Ted Kennedy’s senate seat to Scott Brown because of Obamacare, then proceeded to listen to the people and pass Obamacare through reconciliation. These very same Democrats are suddenly going to listen to the people and vote for impeachment!

Of course, this also supposes that the constituents of the remaining Democrats would want Obama impeached.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: this woman makes my teeth grind and my ears bleed.

As Bill Kristol said: “No responsible Republican has called for impeachment”

Heck, even Chris Hayes and MSNBC understand that it’s the Democrats stoking the flames of impeachment leading Chris to ask Monday night:

Have you noticed this impeach Obama talk lately? Is it possible this is all a masterful stroke of Democrats running a false flag operation?

Here’s Michael Medved trying to reason with Sarah Palin:

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One Response to Michael Medved Confronts Sarah Palin on Impeachment

  1. karen503 says:

    Yeah, ask Democratic Senators how they’d vote for or against impeachment, and if they’re smart, they’ll answer just like Republican Majority Whip Steve Scalise did yesterday. In other words, pivot to something totally unrelated.

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