#ThrowbackThursday Depeche Mode: People are People or can’t we all just get along

With the latest poll stating  the American public believes the nation is more dived than 4 years ago and, perhaps, more divided than ever in my lifetime, I decided to harken back to a better time.

The year was 1984.

The Presidential election map looked like this:


One united country.

Yes, it was morning in America back then.

Now, it’s more like mourning in America.

But, this post isn’t about now, it’s about then.

Yes, for many reasons 1984 was a great year for me.

It was the year of my first car, a 1984 Chrysler Laser turbo.

laser turboYes, she was a thing of beauty,

Unfortunately, by early 1985, she resembled something like this:

car wreckI don’t want to talk about it.

Except to say: “Guys, don’t you ever, EVER! Let your girlfriend drive your car.”

I can still see the freshly added antifreeze bleeding out of the car, flowing on the pavement to the curb side…..


Seriously, no one was hurt and the car was replaced with the same model only in black and went on to serve proudly for nearly 100,000 miles.

I didn’t let anyone else drive that car.

1984 was also a good year for music. I fell in love with this song when I heard it at a laser show.

To this day, whenever I hear it, I think of innocent days, even if I didn’t know back then they were innocent, and brighter futures. All problems could be overcome and I was invincible.




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