#ThrowbackThursday: The Cars “Let’s Go” or How I long for those simpler days.

As I’m sure you have figured out by now this is becoming a regular post every Thursday.

At least for awhile.

With all the political turmoil in, not just our country, but the world, I’ve had to withdraw a smidgeon from watching the news. What scares me most about this is even my scaled back attention exceeds the attention most give to current events.

Growing up, I was taught in order to succeed you had to know what was happening in the world. My parents made me watch the evening news with them, but then that was when the news actually reported the news.

Ok, I won’t go there. That ‘s not what this post is about. This is about escaping and remembering better times.

Today, I’m taking us back to 1979 and the hit song ‘Let’s Go” by The Cars.

Yea, I know 1979 wasn’t exactly a great time in America. Most disturbingly, is how similar things are today, as this Herblock cartoon from that year demonstrates (click on the picture to see what’s written on the pump:)


Again this post isn’t about politics.

No, this post is about a time in my life when my greatest worries were: how many hours would I get to spend on the tennis court, how do you approach the prettiest girl at the dance and, even more specific to those days, learning to roller skate.

I remember when I listened to this song back then and heard the line; ” cause she’s 17,” thinking: ” Wow 17 is sooooo  grown up.” After all, 17 was the age of the unattainable older girl, usual a lifeguard, who I would inevitably develop a crush on.  Now, when I think 17….

Uh…. it’s not important what I think now.

For me, the summer of 1979 was really a great and innocent time. A time in my life that I would never wish to know then what I know now.

“Let’s go” back to that time if only for a few minutes.


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2 Responses to #ThrowbackThursday: The Cars “Let’s Go” or How I long for those simpler days.

  1. Great album, Bret, and a very cool song.
    The only thing that ruined it for me was seeing them in concert: easily one of the worst ‘live’ bands I’ve ever seen, and I saw plenty…

    But no question they were great in the studio, and this tune just makes me smile.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      Yea, they certainly leave a lot to be desired live, that’s why I went with this “boring” video and not the one with them performing on The Midnight Special. This is one of the few songs that always makes me feel good when I hear it.

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