#ThrowbackThursday Ultravox: Hymn or how I’m trying to ignore current events

Last Thursday, I was attempting to get over my health insurance bill. This Thursday, I’m just trying to ignore the chaos in the world.

I don’t have to list all the things I’m trying to ignore, doing so would kind of defeat the purpose.

Lately, I have been feeling quite nostalgic. I suppose these things happen as you approach certain anniversaries. In a few weeks, I will have been living in Hoboken, NJ for 27 years. I can’t help but think how different the city, the world and myself were back then.

If I wanted to go across the street to the store, I could run out my door and be back before the end of a television commercial break. Now, if I’m lucky and catch a break with the traffic, I can make it to and from in ten minutes .

Okay…. sometimes five.

The world back then was filled with hope and optimism even after the market crash of 87. When you look at the world today….

Oops! I’m trying to ignore all that.

As for me.

Besides being in college and filled with all the dreams and bombastic attitude associated with my age. For the most part I am the same person, definitely wiser and the universe has done its utmost to make me humble.

Some might say it didn’t succeed.

But I know better.

If there is one thing I know and only one thing; it’s once you think you have all the answers to life’s questions….life will change the questions.

But, I like to think I am that same optimistic kid deep inside and I strive to forever be.

I’ve been listening to some of my old music from back then and remembering old friends and carefree days. This one is Hymn, from 1982, performed by Ultravox and produced by George Martin. Yes, the same George Martin that was involved with the Beatles.

This song brings back vivid memories of driving the parkway with the window down to spend the weekend at the shore.

I loved going to the shore on those summer weekends.

It was a great place to….. catch up on my reading.


That’s the only reason I ever went to the shore.

To read on the beach..

and get a good nights sleep.

It’s true.

I better just play the song now.(Depending on your connection you may have to go to YouTube, just click “watch on YouTube”)


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