VA testimony by whistleblower Scott Davis

Whistleblower, Scott Davis, testified to what happened after contacting President Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Rob Nabors. Mr. Nabors, as the Washington post noted, was:

assigned to assist top VA officials in probing allegations of wrong­doing by staffers at the Phoenix facility and elsewhere

Now, listen to how the White House handled the allegations:

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10 Responses to VA testimony by whistleblower Scott Davis

  1. stevebwb says:

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    Whistleblower retaliation is standard practice in US Gov’t Agencies and the Office Of Special Council OSC arguably hasn’t done the job it was created to do in its 35 years of existence. Agency Inspector Generals IG usually more loyal to their Agency than Whistleblowers

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    Remember when “whistle-blowers” were lauded by our Press? Waaaaay back then (back when the GOP controlled the White House, of course), such individuals were given book deals, splashy interviews and/or magazine covers. Heck, Time Magazine made 3 different whistle-blowers their 2002 “Persons-Of-The-Year”!! They were unquestioned heroes.
    Now, would anyone like to place a small wager on whether Scott Davis is treated similarly? …Anyone? Hel-loooo?

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  4. Dr Dan says:

    It’s far worse than the article indicates. The VA has been essentially ordered to speed up its Benefits and Disability backlog (hundreds of thousands). What the VA leadership, management, and staff without conscience are doing across the USA is simply disapproving the applications and moving them to the processed pack. If an appeal is applied for, those are taking over 3 years to adjudicate. What’s really really a sorry fact is that thousands of VA workers are also former military and military retirees (Veterans) and they don’t speak out. v/r, Dr Daniel K. Hatton, Colonel, US Army MSC (ret)

    • So true Doc, Vets after hitting the preverbal VA wall of documentation a couple of times just throw in the towel and the “administrators” at VA know it. Frustrating and all the finger-in- dike fixes Congress or the WH come up with, is never going to correct anything. The Management of the VA is just an extension of “Government’s Good old boys network”. A clean house and restructuring is what’s called for however, there’s not a Vet living today that believes that ever going to happen nor will any of our comments produce anything other to vent our own frustrations at a broken system.

      • Dr Dan says:

        Landlocked! You are so right! Especially your sentence! I’m President of a organization comprised of Vets, Retirees, and AD Military Officers — focus no supporting JRROTC, ROTC, enlisted men/women and their families (especially deployed). Also on the Board of another organization nearly totally focused on enlisted families. I myself have 30 years of AD (6 enlisted & 24+ commissioned); and while on the retired list, I’m still fully engaged, to include Vets having huge difficulties with the VA (disability compensation and more). My point is that we all do as much as possible to assist, solve, and focus on the solutions. However, until there is a clean sweep of the VA System, not much is going to change in my not so humble opinion.

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