The Obamacare regulations holiday news dump


Another holiday weekend and another major news dump by the Obama Administration.

While the country was getting ready to enjoy the long holiday the Department of Health and Human Services released nearly 1,300 pages of new Obamacare regulations.

In my Thursday post I revealed the increase in my health insurance, what I had not fully calculated was thanks to Obamacare my out of pocket costs could increase by about $2,000.

That’s right $2,000.

$2,000 I won’t be able to save or spend on other items.

Think about that.

How many others are there like me? How much money is being taken away from produced items.

It’s production that creates jobs.

I know, I’m starting to get into the weeds, but I hope I’m getting you to think a little bit about one destructive aspect of Obamacare and I don’t just mean my wallet.

Now, let’s listen to Betsy McCaughey as she explains some of the devastating impact of these new regulations:





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