Hey Brother: a self-indulgent last post for the holiday weekend

I’ve actually been told, by some, that they miss my including a little bit of me in my posts.

So, this one’s for them.

On my morning run…

Okay, it’s not really a run.

It’s more of a I tell my legs to run, they do so for about a 1/2 mile and stop on their own.

Okay a 1/4 mile

Alright … alright 1/6 of a mile.

What’s important is I’m out there keeping my heart rate in the cardio zone for an hour. It doesn’t matter how far I go or how fast, it’s the persistence that matters.

It will be twenty years since my surgery and, quite frankly, I’m just grateful to be out there moving.

I may not feel so grateful when some old lady runs by me or a man who outweighs me by 200lbs goes up a hill faster than I.

I am grateful.

But… I digress.

On my morning…jaunt. ( Ah see what I did there!)

This song came up on my playlist and I thought to myself..

Self, you have to post that up as a final fourth of July tribute.

I figure, any song that squeezed out two extra sprints from me today should be shared.

You’ll have to take the extra step and watch it on YouTube they really have the rights tied up. But it’s worth it.

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