Once again…A completely self-indulgent post.

Here’s how I see it.



And the IRS can somehow lose 2 years of emails while I can access mine, after two motherboard cascade failures and three different harddrives, back to 2004. It was time for another completely self-indulgent post.

Part of today’s self-indulgence originates from one of my posts, published a year and half ago, suddenly receiving a ridiculously large amount of traffic in the last 24 hours. It always amazes me when something I did years ago, and have forgotten, comes back around.

So, for today, I’m going to let my silly side take over. In the past some of my self indulgent posts have presented Star Trek meets Monty Python and something different from the Muppets. It’s been two years since my blog paid a visit to the Muppets so I thought I would reveal my secrets to being the chef I am and introduce the world to my mentor. The individual who taught me everything I needed to know on how to perform in the kitchen.

Enjoy, smile and remember, the world, like food, can burn for only so long:

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