Are you ready for Hillary?

By all accounts, Hillary’s book sales this week are dismal. They shipped a million books and have sold only 60,000. Looks like her publishers are going to have a hard time recouping that $14 million advance they gave her.

Now, this begs the question just who is buying her book and what do they think are her biggest accomplishments?

A group of real thinkers there huh?


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2 Responses to Are you ready for Hillary?

  1. Simon & Schuster were hoping for 150,000 in the first week, and they got 100k. So it’s selling more slowly than they projected, indicating they paid too much. But 100k actual paid-for copies of anything isn’t what I would call a “bomb”. This site doesn’t cost a cent to read. How close are you to 100 thousand views? I would love having that sort of “failure” myself.

    If she’s that good a negotiator, maybe she should be in charge of the economy.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      BWAHAHA! Your kidding right. You are comparing a book written by a former First Lady, Secretary of State and possible presidential candidate (again) to a blog. You’ve already lost the argument. Please go sell crazy somewhere else.

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