You knew it was going to happen

I saw this early this morning but, quite frankly, had to wait for the video to be posted on YouTube. Finally, I picked it up at Hotair. It’s no secret that Chuck Todd disseminates the White House’s daily message and today’s message is; “Sgt. Bergdahl is being swift-boated.”

After failing to silence those who served with Bergdahl and unable to find anyone to defend him, the administration has entered the next phase, via Allahpundit:

So now, phase three: Start discrediting the soldiers who’ve accused him. It’ll have to be done subtly and tactfully. If they go dumpster-diving on these guys for things like substance-abuse problems or financial trouble, the nastiness of it might backfire on the White House and make their Bergdahl problem even worse. Babbling about “swift-boating” is a good way to get the ball rolling, at least among liberals who are grasping for ways to defend Obama and have come up empty thus far. “Swift-boating” implies that the vets who’ve accused Bergdahl have some political motivation in doing so

The question now is how many in the media will follow this lead. I’m going to go out on a limb and say not nearly as many as the White House hopes. After all, when a staunch liberal and Obama defender like Paul Begala exclaims:

But this is an enormous problem. This is not a Republican-Democratic problem. This is a separation of powers problem because the Congress passed a law that said we want to know 30 days in advance.

Maybe, just maybe, some chickens will come home to roost.

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