Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Political Correctness ‘Triggering’ Dangerous Herd-like Mentality

The Daily Caller wrote about this new trend hitting college campuses over a month ago:

censorship-inclined activists are now eager to force professors to attach trigger warnings to their syllabi.

“Some students and professors argue that nearly everything should come with a trigger warning,” wrote Laurie Essig, a professor of psychology at Middlebury College and a contributor to the Chronicle of Higher Education. “Mrs. Dalloway? Trigger warning: suicidal tendencies. The Great Gatsby? Trigger warning: suicide, domestic abuse, graphic violence. Think I’m making this up? I’m not.”

Essig provided the example of a Rutgers University student who praised trigger warnings as an ideal compromise between free expression and censorship, noting that “by creating trigger warnings for their students, professors can help to create a safe space for their students — one that fosters positive and compassionate intellectual discussion within the collegiate classroom.”

Students at the University of California-Santa Barbara are doing their best to make their PC dreams a reality. The student government passed a resolution that urged administrators to adopt mandatory trigger warnings as official university policy last month.

“This is not meant to censor … but it really just asks that professors and other people on campus acknowledge the effects of triggering content on students with PTSD,” said Bailey Loverin, the student who sponsored the resolution, in a statement.

The Daily Caller also noted that while this new political correctness stems from the left, there are some on the left who are aghast at this latest absurdity:

Perhaps every political generation is fated to be appalled by the one that succeeds it. In the 1960s, longtime socialist intellectuals were horrified by the anarchic energies of the new left. Then some of those new leftists reached middle age and watched, aghast, as new speech codes proliferated on college campuses during the first iteration of political correctness. I was in college then and am now in my thirties, which means it’s my turn to be dismayed by a growing left-wing tendency towards censoriousness and hair-trigger offense.

In his latest Afterburner segment, Bill Whittle addresses this latest chapter of the coddled generation.


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2 Responses to Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Political Correctness ‘Triggering’ Dangerous Herd-like Mentality

  1. dandahan4 says:

    Reblogged this on dandahan and commented:
    Thought police need to indoctrinate the young on political correctness.
    Teachers must be disciplined for this task.
    The Jewish/ Israeli lobby are masters of the art of bending impressionable minds and are excellent examples of speech and thought control activity.

  2. dandahan4 says:

    A Life Time of Story Telling, Spoken, Written and Art Work:

    Everyone’s Life in story format…

    To counter censorship through political correctness, indeed to protect against the “political correct” assault on language and thought freedoms involves becoming a story / prose writer, a poet or a writer of anything and everything that a free mind produces.

    Instead of “triggering” prohibition to free thought it may be argued that the use of children’s story introduction…:
    Once upon a time …. followed by free expression of thoughts on any and every subject under the Sun. The politically correct protagonists are legally precluded from every authors art rights, to write freely in the context of his/her story.
    Written notifications that all his/her speech or writings or art works are henceforth in story form.

    This is my story…once upon a time…

    Script writer, satire is my game…here is a list of politically incorrect uses of language which I thought about for my story …I do hope you enjoy the read…or why not write your own story full of politicalincorrectnesseseses…

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