Obama on the VA Scandals: If these allegations prove to be true…….

Yesterday, the President announced an investigation into whether or not there has been misconduct at the Veterans Administration.  If there is, the President claims;”I will not stand for it.”

The President gave a redux of his “I’m outraged” performance.

I’m sorry, but I’m of the belief that true outrage can’t be read from a piece of paper. It’s felt and comes from the heart. Let’s be honest, this news broke three weeks ago and as of last week, the administration was refusing to admit there’s a problem.

The administration states this matter is under investigation.


Since the admistration claims the President found out about these allegations from news reports (again,) here’s another one from NBC:

Problems with the VA dates back years. From the widely published issues of neglect at Walter Reed Army Medical Center reported in 2007, resulting in the resignation of several high ranking officers to the lesser publicized case of a dying veteran being refused admission  to a VA hospital in 2008 and numerous other cases that goes back decades

We know the Obama administration was told of the problems with the misreported wait times before the President took office and I’m going to be fair and say that I think  President Obama believed he solved these problems when he increased funding for the VA.

This is the greatest flaw of liberalism.  Throwing more money at a problem will  not automatically fix the problem. It just won’t and in the case of the Veterans Administration in can’t:

For the moment, even Democrats are angry at the President’s handling of this latest scandal. I suspect their anger will dissipate when it becomes clear the troubles at the VA are rooted in the system and the liberal mantra that government can do anything.

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