The Anatomy of a Lie: The Benghazi Story

Today, John Boehner will release more details of the select committee to investigate Benghazi and expect Democrats to throw a temper tantrum.

Last night, Sean Hannity did an excellent breakdown on the recent developments and how we got here.

For all of you who scream:

“Dude, that’s Fox News, man. They lie all the time.”

“Dude, that’s Sean Hannity!”

“Dude, that’s two years ago!”

You may not like the source, but that does not mean the message is wrong. Lord knows I’m not a Hannity viewer and my opinion of Dick Morris is even lower, but this clip sums up the Benghazi circumstances quite well.

Let’s be honest, we are seeing very little coverage about Benghazi from the “big” networks. Despite Jon Stewart’s sycophantic rants:

Of course, Stewart conveniently left out the fact that some of the hearings or briefings weren’t even picked up initially by the broadcast networks. For instance, when former defense secretary Leon Panetta admitted in February of 2013 that President Obama was disengaged on the night of the Benghazi attacks, the networks gave the bombshell a grand total of two reports. ABC ignored the story.

That lack of coverage has continued into 2014. After House Speaker John Boehner announced on Friday a special committee to investigate Benghazi, Saturday night’s White House correspondents dinner received 15 times more coverage on Monday morning.

After last Wednesday’s Congressional hearing, the broadcast network evening news casts virtually ignored the story. Only ABC reported it, and for only 46 seconds.

A.F Branco explains this quite well:

Benghazi Stone wall


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