Mike Pence 2016?

I have said numerous times that we should focus on 2014, there will be plenty of time to focus on 2016 the day after the election in November.

However, 10 days ago Allahpundit at Hot Air citing a Bloomberg article on Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, asked: “Is Pence the dark horse?”

Allahpundit notes:

In fact, I believe he’s the only potential candidate in the GOP field who’s served as both the chief executive of a state and a federal legislator. He knows his way around in a way that none of his rivals do.

Of Governor Pence the Bloomberg article states:

Pence has won praise from small-government conservatives for taking action in Indiana to back away from Common Core education standards supported by another potential Republican candidate, Florida’s Bush. The Washington-based Heritage Foundation, in a Facebook posting, applauded him for rejecting Common Core.

His allies say Pence has developed bonds with the major constituencies within the Republican Party — the small-government crowd, anti-abortion rights groups, and defense hawks — without alienating business-oriented voters. His lifetime rating from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nation’s largest corporate trade group, was 89 percent in 2012, according to Montana-based Project Vote Smart.

In Washington, he served first as chairman of the Republican Study Committee in the House, now home to many tea-party aligned lawmakers, and later won the post of Republican Conference Chairman, the third-ranking leadership position when the party was in the minority.

Before ten days ago, Governor Pence was just a name to me. Not even a blip on my political radar.

I decided to pay the man some attention and last night at the 2014 NRA annual meeting he showed me, that in what may be the deepest field of Republican Presidential Candidates in decades, he deserves to be in the front.

Yea, I know it’s still very early. But this was a good speech.

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