Sharyl Attkisson on CBS Bias & White House Harrassment

As I have said many times, blogging is something I do in my free time. Lately,  I just have not had much of it. It takes a certain amount of energy to rage against the machine, something that Sharyl Attkisson can attest to.  In this interview with Howard Kurtz, the twenty year veteran journalist expressed her frustration with the news industry and why she quit CBS news.

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4 Responses to Sharyl Attkisson on CBS Bias & White House Harrassment

  1. omanuel says:

    Regretfully, our news media has exposed itself as an integral part of the government’s propaganda mill.

    As old falsehoods are revealed, like Climategate, new falsehoods are being fabricated and distributed to the public as scientific facts. The government propaganda machine is well funded!

    Recent research revealed that “annual mean cloud nucleation rates may vary 6.8% over solar cycles, far more than the 1-2% change in global cloudiness required to change global temperature.”

    This research finally offered an explanation for the way cosmic rays from our Sun’s pulsar core [1], rather than CO2 from industries, control Earth’s climate.

    1. “A Journey to the core of the Sun,” – Chapter 2: Acceptance of Reality

  2. I hear ya, Bret: it’s quite literally all I can do to get in one good post/day.
    And thank goodness I have a co-blogger who takes the heat off of me 2x/week.

    Just glad you’re around, bud: keep it up.

  3. omanuel says:

    Bret and Sharyl,

    The Pulitzer committee just awarded American journalism’s highest honor to Britain’s The Guardian and to The Washington Post for their ongoing coverage of Snowden’s bombshell revelation of the scope of domestic and international U.S. government spying:

    That is an encouraging indication that the Climategate scandal and sixty-eight years (2014 – 1946 = 68 yrs) of false government propaganda, disguised as consensus science, is also coming to conclusion.

    Thank you, Bret and Sharyl, for your part in ending this 1984 nightmare!

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