In support of cynicism

cynicism meterIn general cynicism is not preferable, being a cynic is a very negative lifestyle.

cynicSometimes, though, life’s events leave one no choice but to become a cynic.

Case in point- Benghazi

Or more specifically the media’s coverage, rather their lack of coverage, regarding what transpired on that fateful day.

I know CIA Deputy Director, Mike Morrell’s, testimony before the House Intelligence Committee the other day was overshadowed by the tragic shooting at Fort Hood, but I certainly expected more coverage from the networks.

Silly me.

The Democrats on the Committee called the testimony a waste of time. Time, they felt, would be better spent trying to catch the people who committed the terrorist act. The cynic in me knew Democrats on the committee would do their best to protect the administration after all:


Yes, Fox News is continuing their in depth coverage and in return are attacked for politicizing Benghazi. As for other media outlets… well they really do not have much to say. Most headlines are along the lines of;  “Former CIA official denies political influence in creating Benghazi talking points.”

Although I have to give CNN some credit, they did give us this tidbit:

You have to give them credit, they reported what happened.

That’s more than I expected. Should I rant that they didn’t question the truthfulness of Mike Morrell’s testimony?


I’m just grateful they didn’t use this Headline: “Michele Bachmann floats new Benghazi Conspiracy Theory”

Sure, you can call me a cynic but the truth is:

the power of accurate observation


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