Obamacare enrollment to hit 7 million


No, this is not an April fools day joke.

As reported by the AP:

Beating expectations, President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul was on track to sign up more than 7 million Americans for health insurance on deadline day Monday, government officials told The Associated Press.

Seriously, did anyone doubt that the Administration would hit their target.

Okay, let me rephrase that.

Did anyone doubt that the Administration would claim to have hit their target?

Let’s continue shall we:

Two government officials confirmed the milestone, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter ahead of an official announcement.

Two anonymous officials, but of course.

Not that I doubt for a minute the Administration will indeed make this official.

How was this amazing accomplishment achieved?

At times, more than 125,000 people were simultaneously using HealthCare.gov, straining it beyond its capacity. For long stretches Monday, applicants were shuttled to a virtual waiting room where they could leave an email address and be contacted later.

Officials said the site had not crashed but was experiencing very heavy volume. The website, which was receiving 1.5 million visitors a day last week, had recorded about 2 million through 3 p.m. EDT. Call centers have more than 840,000 calls.

My goodness isn’t that just remarkable! Please tell me more:

Lucy Martinez, an unemployed single mother of two boys, said she’d previously tried to enroll at a clinic in another part of the city but there was always a problem. She’d wait and wait and they wouldn’t call her name, or they would ask her for paperwork that she was told earlier she didn’t need, she said. Her diabetic mother would start sweating so they’d have to leave.

She’s heard “that this would be better here,” said Martinez, adding that her mother successfully signed up Sunday at a different location.

Surly it doesn’t end there:

At St. Francis Hospital in Wilmington, Del., enrollment counselor Hubert Worthen plunged into a long day. “I got my energy drink,” he said. “This is epic, man.”

At a Houston community center, there were immigrants from Ethiopia, Nepal, Eritrea, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and other conflict-torn areas, many of them trying anew after failing to complete applications previously. In addition to needing help with the actual enrollment, they needed to wait for interpreters. Many had taken a day off from work, hoping to meet the deadline.

It’s epic man! Obamacare is a hit!

Oh wait:

However, it’s unclear what those numbers may mean.

The administration hasn’t said how many of the 6 million people nationally who had signed up before the weekend ultimately closed the deal by paying their first month’s premiums. Also unknown is how many were previously uninsured — the real test of Obama’s health care overhaul. In addition, the law expands coverage for low-income people through Medicaid, but only about half the states have agreed to implement that option.

At least now we won’t have to hear about anymore deadlines, right?

Though March 31 was the last day officially to sign up, millions of people are potentially eligible for extensions granted by the administration.

Those include people who had begun enrolling by the deadline but didn’t finish, perhaps because of errors, missing information or website glitches. The government says it will accept paper applications until April 7 and take as much time as necessary to handle unfinished cases on HealthCare.gov. Rules may vary in states running their own insurance marketplaces.

THUNK THUNK  THUNK……..Yea, I’m hitting my head again

Of course, none of this addresses the issue that the administration blew up a healthcare system in which 80 percent approved of and nearly 2/3 liked the coverage they had.

Really, did we expect anything less than the media proclaiming total and absolute success for the Administration.

Makes me wonder what will be said on November 5.

Finally, I leave you with Charles Krauthammer’s assessment of whether Obamacare was worth the price.

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4 Responses to Obamacare enrollment to hit 7 million

  1. Of course, Pelosi was just quoted as saying that O-care was NOT created to primarily deal with the uninsured problem, which only goes against everything that she and her party said for two years from 2008 to 2010.

    “Facts are what we SAY they are.” – The Democrat Party

  2. “Hit” is the right word. After a few years, when premiums go through the roof because of the inherent incalculability of the “Affordable” Care Act (again, a very wise choice of words), all people with a health plan will feel hit.

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