Mitt Romney on Sean Hannity

As our President takes his comedy act on an international tour, former candidate Mitt Romney reacts to the President’s actions and comments.

I know there are liberals and some conservatives who think Governor Romney should just go away, but they are wrong. I think it is important for him to go out there a scream at the top of his lungs “I TOLD YOU SO.”

Why you ask?

Simple, during that campaign the most used response by the low information voter to any warning was “THAT’S NOT TRUE”

Turns out it was true.

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3 Responses to Mitt Romney on Sean Hannity

  1. Romney wasn’t a perfect candidate, but I maintained then and now that he was probably the best man of character we’d have elected to the office in ages.
    That’d have been something, no question.

    And I trusted his brains, although I recall the “what about your gaaaaaaaffes?” question to Romney that was so stupid when you consider both Obama and Biden now.
    Do we hear about their gaffes, repeatedly? Are THEY questioned about their gaffes by reporters yelling the question?

    For all these reasons, I agree with you, Bret: we need to remind the American people that THEY screwed-up. Romney was RIGHT, they were WRONG.
    That will mean something to people: to those folks who were on the fence, to the folks who stayed home in protest, and to those people who were fooled into voting for Barack.
    And it’ll especially inspire the folks who got it right last time.

    We sure can’t go through this again. Heck, we’ll be lucky to get out of this eight years with our country still partially intact.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      I only wish he could have been elected in 2008, this country’s economy would be roaring. But he was a terrible candidate. Maybe, just maybe, he can teach the willfully ignorant in this country to look beyond the shiny little objects the media dangles before them.

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