Meet the Millennials

While I’m dealing with life’s details, I may not be posting regularly but rest assured I’m paying attention to current events. As the 2014 campaign journeys forward, it is looking as if the Republicans are NOT going to implode. Without a Republican civil war to distract, 2014 may very well become an issues driven campaign and while Obamacare is the major issue, it is important for the Republicans to understand the Millennials.

With that in mind, here is a Frank Luntz focus group, where we try to discover the answer to “Who are the Millennials?”

In future elections, the Democrats are not going to have the “cult of Obama” to help them. Victory will come for the Republicans with solid candidates who can articulate conservative ideas and their benefits. I’m not going to focus on 2016 until after the 2014 election; however, right now I see only one potential candidate who can unify the Republicans and articulate the virtues of conservatism.

Who is that person?

I’m not saying….yet.

But I think it’s obvious.

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