CPAC 2014 Day 1


Up until two weeks when my apartment got flooded I was on the path to attending this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, but for obvious reasons it looks like I will barely be able to even follow the events at this years conference. Here is the list and approximate starting time of today’s speakers.

9:00 a.m. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz
9:16 a.m. Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey
9:24 a.m. Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan
9:40 a.m. South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott
10:19 a.m. Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell
11:45 a.m. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
12:00 p.m. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal
12:16 p.m. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio
12:31 p.m. Utah Sen. Mike Lee
2:45 p.m. Donald Trump

Other than Donald Trump, I find this to be a really interesting list of speakers. I’m most interested in how Mitch McConnell will be received given he is the current whipping boy of the so called “tru-cons.” I’m also curious to see if this year the conference turns into a “establishment” vs  “grassroots” battle or if the majority will remember the Democrats are our adversary.

Unfortunately, this year I doubt I’ll be able to post clips in a timely fashion like I have before, but on a happy note, it looks like I should be able to return to my home sometime next week.

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